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CARAT WEIGHT: A diamond's weight is measured in units called carats. Since weights rarely come in even numbers like 1.00 carats, it was necessary to invent the point. One point equals 1/100 of a carat. Thus, one carat weights 100 points, ¾ carat weights 75 points, ½ carat weights 50 points and so on. The larger the diamond the more rare, but diamonds of equal size very widely in value and brilliance depending on the color, clarity, and cut.

CUT: It requires a master craftsman to release from a diamond its fire, sparkle, and beauty. Fancy cut refers to the shape of a diamond and includes baguette, emerald cut, triangle, pear, princess, oval, and marquise. Cut, or proportions, allows a diamond to reflect light and thus sparkle. A diamond with a finely proportioned cut can better disburse light, creating greater brilliance - a truly breathtaking sight. If the diamond is not a fine cut (if it is shallow or deep), light escapes through the bottom of the diamond. Cut has the most influence on the diamond's sparkle. Even diamonds with a higher color or clarity just don't seem to have a vibrant "life" if they are not finely cut. 

COLOR: Stones are given designations alphabetically, starting at D for the purest white. Color grading continues down the alphabet, each letter denoting a more yellow tint. White and bright diamonds graded D, E, F (colorless) and G, H, I, J (nearly colorless) are treasured for their beauty, rarity, and value. Basically, the more colorless a diamond is, the whiter, more valuable, and more rare it is.

CLARITY: A diamond's clarity is affected by any external irregularities and internal imperfections created by nature when the diamond was formed. A diamond's clarity affects the rarity and value. Virtually all natural diamonds contain identifying characteristics. Under the scrutiny of a jeweler's 10X power magnifying loupe or microscope, natural phenomena - called inclusions - may be seen. These are nature's birthmarks, and they may look like tiny crystals, clouds, or feathers. Some inclusions may be visible to the naked eye; however, the diamond grading process is performed under 10X. There is a scale for clarity grading diamonds. Again, all recognizable diamond laboratories use this system. At the left of the scale are diamonds that have few imperfections, even when examined by an expert under 10X magnification. At the right of the scale below are diamonds where you can see the imperfections with the naked eye.

The experience of looking for a diamond should be a very pleasurable and enjoyable process. The most difficult aspect of choosing a diamond isn't knowing the diamond language … it's finding a jeweler you can trust. That's why we're so glad you chose Carbaugh Jewelers for your diamond needs. If you live in Auburn, Indiana or if you are planning a visit to our area, we invite you to visit our store. We have an extensive collection of diamonds. You will feel very comfortable with our trained and patient team of professionals. 

First, let's start with a little diamond background. A diamond is the hardest substance known to mankind. That, along with its brilliance and fire, has made the diamond the symbol of timeless, enduring love.

Diamonds are made of the earth's simplest element, carbon. Diamonds are formed over millions of years beneath the earth's surface by heat and pressure, which causes the carbon to crystallize. Once mined, the stones are precisely cut and polished by skilled craftspeople, thereby giving them the dazzling appearance we all love and admire.

That leads us to the Four C's of diamond knowledge  Carat Weight, Cut, Color, and Clarity. There is a universal diamond grading system that is recognized by all diamond laboratories, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI), American Gem Society (AGS), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), and others. The information provided below is for your interest. Hopefully, it will clarify the mystique of the diamond.

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